Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 19

Playlist from 10.23.11

Truth Club - Sleight
13th Chime - Hide and Seek
DA - Dark Rooms
Art Object - Ride the Metro
86 - Behind my Back
Abwarts - Computerstaat
SPK - No More
Voigt 465 - Voices a Drama
The Instant Automatons - Routine Habit
The Mothmen - Does it Mater Irene?
The Moodists - Chad's Car
Human Hands - I Got Mad
Anne Cessna & Essenson Airport - Lost in Madagascar
Terminal Beach - Dark Words
Shoes This High - A Mess
Slugfuckers - Schizo Revolution
Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance
Whirlywirld - Boys of the Badlands
Kevin Dunn - Oktyabrina
Grauzone - Eisbar
Lori and the Chameleons - The Lonely Spy
Essential Logic - Music is a Better Noise
Maximum Joy - Silent Street
The Mekons - Teeth
Deux - Game and Performance
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interuptus
Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never
Dark Day - Window
Jeff and Jane Hudson - Operating Instructions
Das Ding - H.S.T.A. 

Synopsis: DJ Lonely Preston is joined in the studio by DJ Drunk Preston. Thankfully they remembered to bring some music and upload it here.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 18

Playlist from 10.9.11

IQ Zero - I'm in Love
Beyond the Implode - 11th Hour Breakdown
Null & Void - I Can See What's Happening
The Steves - Making Time
The Wake - Patrol
Martin Rev - Baby O Baby
Phew - Closed
Aunt Sally - すべて売り物
The Cultural Decay - Brave New World
Bunnydrums - Little Room
The Eternal Scream - Child
Crash Course in Science - No More Hollow Doors
Bona Dish - Actress
Death In June - Fields
Sekinin Tenka - Fuck
No Trend - Mindless Little Insects
Schlaflose Nachte - Move
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle - Move
The Astronaught - Still Talking
Ludus - Too Hot to Handle
Tiller Boys - Big Noise from the Jungle
Danny and the Dressmakers - Don't Make Another Bassguitar Mr. Rickenbaker
Meat Whiplash - Here it Comes
Half Japanese - Shy Around Girls
Sceamin' Mee-Mees - Hot Sody
The Pin Group - Columbia
Metropak - You're a Rebel
NNB - Slack
Vogel - Flaschenzug
O.U.T. - Bin Ich Denn Im Urwald
Officer - Anagrams
Fote - Put House
Cardiac Arrest - A Cake for Bertie's Party
Ti-Tho - Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer
Upside Down House - Maintenant
Die Unbekannten - Radio War
Nuclear Crayons - Politcal Punk
Maestros and Dipsos - Backslide

Synopsis: No studio guest this week so I dial up virtual Matt Lyons from NYC to keep me company. Get the whole episode here.