Sunday, June 26, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 8

Playlist from 6.26.11

Tools You Can Trust - Ranters and Preachers
Dandelion Adventure - Infant Child Gutter Vulgar
Jackdaw With Crowbar - Sunk By an Iceberg
Splat! - Yeah, Hey Dum Dum
Age of Change - Bible of the Beats
Bogshed - Packed Lunch to School
A Witness - Red Snake
The Ex - O.S.L. (New Schvienhunt League)
Big Boys - Prison
Mission of Burma - Dead Pool
Fred - All Rights Reserved
Moderne - Electronique
Shox - No Turning Back
Ana Hausen - Professionals
Stahlnetz - Der Seeman Und Die Stewardess
Liasons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
Jeff and Jane - Special Me
Abwarts - Computerstaat
Punishment of Luxury - Puppet Life
Ama-Dots - The Cease is Increase
Voight 465 - Voices A Drama
Toy Love - Photographs of Naked Ladies
Arkansaw Man - Question #2
This Heat - A New Kind of Water
Circle X - Current
Swell Maps - Collision With a Frogman vs. The Mangrove Delta Plan
Redd Kross - St. Lita Ford Blues
Pussy Galore - Die Bitch
VOM - Electrocute Your Cock
Flowers - After Dark (first 10 seconds)
Trees - Delta Sleep
Chrome - Abstract Nympho
Nirvana - Blew

Synopsis: A severely infected and bumming out Matt Green takes the night off and bitches and complains for two straight podcast hours. Nate holds the show down all by himself by managing the turntables, cutting Matt's mic when necessary, and operating the extremely complicated TX-3000 Pro-studio comedy soundboard. This baby is top of the line though... and the evening was saved. 

Apologies in Advance: Episode 8 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 7

Playlist from 6.19.11

Virgin Prunes - Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night)
Marquis De Sade - Set In Motion Memories
C.O.M.A. - Femme Robot
Chrisma - Black Silk Stockings
Palais Schaumburg - Kinder Der Tod
Mania D - Track 4
Xmal Deutschland - Schwarze Welt
Kas Product - Never Come Back
Death In June - Fields
Snowy Red - Never Alive
The Fast - Black Leather Jacket
Crispy Ambulance - From the Cradle
Brian Eno - King's Lead Hat
The Units - I Night
Salem - King Night
Cold Cave - Theme From Tomorrowland 
The Big Pink - Velvet
Chromatics - Running Up That Hill
The Chills - Satin Doll
Vice Device - Skin
Dangerous Boys Club - Real Eyes
Health - We Are Water
The Screamers - Sex Boy
Bay of Pigs - Addiction
45 Grave - Black Cross
AKA - Ragged Andy's
Chrome - Turned On
The Horrors - Primary Colors
The Wake - On Our Honeymoon
The Soft Moon - Out Of Time

Synopsis: The Baron AKA Aaron Montaigne from Portland's Dangerous Boys Club stopped by the studio with his deep, dark vibes and took over the show. Two different "black leather" songs were played. Good thing we had Corona to lighten the mood. Lots of chats and requests and only one of them was from a pornbot. Jason from Brighter Lights hung out and showed Matt and Nate how to (finally) use the call in line. Just in time for a very special caller from San Diego to close out the show.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 6

Playlist from 6.12.11

Bleach Boys - Stocking Clad Nazi Death Squad Bitches
Nervous Gender - Cardinal Newman
Los Reactors - Be A Zombie
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Fantastic
Dancing Cigarettes - Broken Windows
The Table - Sex Cells
Red Asphalt - Red Asphalt
The Citizens - Satisfy the Citizens
Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay at Home
The Nixe - Searching
Doctor Mix - No Fun
The Bastards - Loser
Stazione Suicida - USA (La Pistola)
Misfits - Children in Heat
Redd Cross - Burnout
Crime - Sand Francisco's Doomed
Zero Boys - Amphetamine Addiction
The Dwarves - Oozle
Styphnoids - Mom's a Fake
Parasites of the Western World - Politico
The Wipers - Alien Boy
Product - Black Days
Product - License to Stare
Product - Human Tide
GG Allin - Automatic
The Stains - Pretty Girls
Wasted Youth - You're a Jerk
Saccharine Trust - The Giver Takes
Pussy Galore - Asshole
Kleenex - Ain't You
Scars - Adultery
Desperate Bicycles - The Medium Was Tedium
Thomas Leer - Private Plane
Modern English - Swans On Glass
Chills - Satin Doll
Sun City Girls - Space Prophet Dogon
I'm So Hollow - Dreams to Fill The Vacuum
Josef K - 16 Years
John Fahey - Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today

Synopsis: A sensual and erotic online radio experience as Matt live chats with a Pornbot and blogs about it in real time via podcast. Nate trades an original pack of Camel Lights to Matt for an original copy of the first Negative Approach 7". Punk songs are played. Drinks are spilled. Mysterious mechanical failures and microphone mishaps abound. A fairly typical night at the Living Too Late offices. 

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 5

Playlist from 6.5.11

Nik Void - Beachcombing
Malaria! - How do you like My New Dog
Sally Patience - Triangle Man
Krisma - Zacdt Zacdt
Ana Hausen - Professionals
D.A.F. - Als War Das Letze Mal
Mau Mau - Geradeaus
New Order - Mesh
Trick 17 - City Nacht
Units - Digital Stimulation
Los Microwaves - Time to Get Up
Reducers - Airways
Ruins - Short Waves
Experimental Products - Feeling Left Out
Roter Rot - Get Away Darkside
Blah Blah Blah - In the Army
The Visitors - Electric Heat
Ski Patrol - Agent Orange
The System - Dogs of War
The Tenants - Noise in my Head
Dangerous Birds - Smile on Your Face
Active Ingredients - Identity Loss
The Red Krayola (with Art and Language) - Born in Flames
UT - Safe Burning
Marine Girls - 20,000 Leagues
Plebs - Change
Zounds - Knife
The Fire Engines - New Things in Cartons
Venon P. Stinger - PCP Crazy

Synopsis: The first sultry weekend of temperate weather in Portlandia. Flashes of lightning on the horizon but strangely no thunder. Humidity. Possibility. Intrigue. A passionate and revealing heat? Well, maybe in other parts of town but definitely not in the studio where two fat fucks drink warm beer and struggle to breath thick, stifling columns of air for two hours. A taste of things to come.

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