Sunday, May 6, 2012

Living Too Late - Episode 31

Playlist from 5.6.12

Family Fodder - Warm
The Higher Primates - Taking in the Summer
The Slits - Animal Space
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - How Much are They?
Wicked Kitchen Staff - The Woodcutter's Daughter
Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest - Do the Residue
Lifetones - For a Reason
Judy Nylon - Room Without a View
Qua Dance - Fallbreak
New Age Steppers - Love Forever
Eric Random - 6:55
Pigbag - Sunny Day
Steel Leg - Unlikely Pub
The Tesco Bombers - Hernando's Hideaway
Glaxo Babies - Maximum Sexual Joy
Rip Rig & Panic - Constant Drudgery is Harmful to the Soul
Dangerous Girls - MO7S
Killing Joke - Turn to Red
Rapid Dance - Hidden So Well
Rhythm of Life - Summertime
Jackdaw with Crowbar - Banjoid Festi
Bad Brains - I and I survive
Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires - C'est Fab
The Pop Group - Where There's a Will There Has Got to be a Way
Danny & the Parkins Sisters - War (Is on Your Doorstep)
Red Beat - Red Beat
The Take - Summer