Sunday, June 5, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 5

Playlist from 6.5.11

Nik Void - Beachcombing
Malaria! - How do you like My New Dog
Sally Patience - Triangle Man
Krisma - Zacdt Zacdt
Ana Hausen - Professionals
D.A.F. - Als War Das Letze Mal
Mau Mau - Geradeaus
New Order - Mesh
Trick 17 - City Nacht
Units - Digital Stimulation
Los Microwaves - Time to Get Up
Reducers - Airways
Ruins - Short Waves
Experimental Products - Feeling Left Out
Roter Rot - Get Away Darkside
Blah Blah Blah - In the Army
The Visitors - Electric Heat
Ski Patrol - Agent Orange
The System - Dogs of War
The Tenants - Noise in my Head
Dangerous Birds - Smile on Your Face
Active Ingredients - Identity Loss
The Red Krayola (with Art and Language) - Born in Flames
UT - Safe Burning
Marine Girls - 20,000 Leagues
Plebs - Change
Zounds - Knife
The Fire Engines - New Things in Cartons
Venon P. Stinger - PCP Crazy

Synopsis: The first sultry weekend of temperate weather in Portlandia. Flashes of lightning on the horizon but strangely no thunder. Humidity. Possibility. Intrigue. A passionate and revealing heat? Well, maybe in other parts of town but definitely not in the studio where two fat fucks drink warm beer and struggle to breath thick, stifling columns of air for two hours. A taste of things to come.

Get the air conditioned version of the show here

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