Monday, January 30, 2012

Living Too Late - Episode 26

Playlist from 1.29.12

Circus Mort - Watch the Puppet
Rat At Rat R - Rape
Circle X - Onward Christian Soldiers
Arkansaw Man - Question #2
Razor Penguins - Indifference
Egoslavia - City Up!
L - Seven - Insanity
Bruce Haack - Electric to Me Turn
Heldon - Perspective 3
Seawhores - Chi Chi
Tonto - Bird Flies Free
SPK - Leich En Schrei
Future Blondes - Heartless
Masonna - Masonanie Viva Los Angelos (Untitled Side B)
Savage Republic - Sucker Punch
John Cage - First Construction (In Metal)
Andrew Cyrille - Pioneering
Amps for Christ - A Very Mode - Ular Song
Kites - Tears of the Youth
Forcefield - (Side B track 4)
Dead/Bird - The Cinder Block Wall
Sword Heaven - Sights Not Long Gone
Dynasty - Drop Out Hate Squad
Meerk Puffy - Aze
Wolf Eyes - Dog Jaw
Ultra - Subway Etiquette MKII
Human Eye - Hologram (Urinals)
Flipper - Distant Illusion
Man Is The Bastard - Skull Crusher
Cherubs - Daisy Poser
Harry Pussy - Zero De Conduit

Limited Edition DAMAGED episode featuring MEGA DAMAGED Mark Phillips and ULTRA DAMAGED "first time, long time" listener Kevin Abell.  DAMAGED!

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