Monday, May 16, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 3

Playlist from 5.15.11

Chrome - Blood on the Moon
Glenn Branca - Spectacular Commodity
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Baby Doll
DNA - New New
UT - Confidential
AKA - Mental Timebombs
Chalk Circle - The Slap
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Fantastic
Screamers - 122 Hours of Fear
Jesus Couldn't Drum - I'm a Train
Gerry and the Holograms - Gerry and the Holograms
John Maus - Too Much Money
Steve Reich - Clapping Music 1972
MRR-ADM featuring Malcolm Catto - 010
Allan Ladds - Nattgatan
Pop Rivets - Beatle Boots
Age of Chance - Motorcity
Bog-shed - Slave Girls
Blurt - My Mother was a Friend of an Enemy of the People
Pop Group - We are all Prostitutes
Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt
Blackouts - Exchange of Goods
Minutemen - Joy
Nu Sensae - Dust
David Hasselhoff - This is a Mess
Fire Engines - Plastic Gift
John Carpenter - You're Dead
Man is the Bastard - Idget Child
JFA - Count
Heavy Seals - Untitled
Angry Samoans - The Todd Killings
The Germs - What we do is Secret
Crass - System
Mars - Puerto Rican Ghost
Prats - Nothing
Wipers - Voices in the Rain
Weirdos - Destroy All Music
VOM - Electrocute your Cock
G-Sport - Idle Worship
The Fall - It's the New Thing
Monochrome Set - He's Frank
Spizzoil - Cold City

Synopsis: Despite illness Matt makes an inspiring and brave return in order to officially unveil the new "10 for 10" segment. A volume discount whereby listeners receive 10 punk songs in under 10 minutes. What a deal! Also, the latest Fast Weapons release, a 7inch by Vancouver Canada's Nu Sensae, makes its world cyberspace internet premier. Available now on the FW website. At the end of the night Danzig and Iggy Pop hit the station via Skype to offer their support. This is Internet Radio history people.

Entire episode available here

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