Monday, May 30, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 4

Playlist from 5.29.11

Presler and Morgan - You're Gonna Watch Me
Foreign Bodies - The Incredible Truth
The Girls - Jeffrey I Hear You
The Waitresses - Clones
Chi-Pig - Bountiful Living
L Seven - Insanity
Death - Politicians In My Eyes
The Dogs - Slash Your Face
Naked Raygun - Potential Rapist
Horror Comic - England '77
Weirdos - Life of Crime
Modettes - Fandango
Lustige Mutanten - MiƟgeburten
Stranger Station - Minutes to Silence
Family Fodder - Acapulco
The Happy Cadavers - Rigorous Mortis
VOM - Punkmobile
Crass - Big Man, Big M.A.N./Banned from the Roxy, Hurry Up Gary (live)
Fatal Microbes - Beautiful Pictures
Rubella Ballet - Krak Trak
Digital Dance - Faulty
Ski Patrol - Faith in Transition
Higsons - It Goes Waap!
Crispy Ambulance - Deaf
Section 25 - Dirty Disco
Live Skull - Corpse
Sonic Youth - Screams (Recorded Live in Switzerland)
David Linton - Shattering Glass
Robert Rental - A.C.C.
Crisis - Holocaust
Prefects - Things In General
Blank Students - Fun At The Fair
Feederz - Fuck You

Synopsis: Nate returns after a week the Middle East. The American Middle East to be exact; specifically the contentious border between Michigan and Indiana. This dark vibe permeates the evening. Matt also returns after a week in Portland, OR. A curious studio guest solicits Nate for cocaine. Matt finds jokes online. New show features include library sound beds, bumper music, itunes, mic feedback, extreme laptops skins, ATM fees, and free "happy hour" wi-fi after 8pm. 

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