Sunday, July 17, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 10

Playlist From 7.17.11

Teddy and the Frat Girls - Clubnight
Xmas Eve - Paint it Red
AKA - City Drugs
Chain Gang - Son of Sam
Dredd Foole and the Din - So Tough
Raymilland - Climate
Executives - Jet Set
The Sound - Brute Force
The Noseflutes - Girth
A Certain Radio - And Then Again
Severed Heads - Mount
5 or 6 - Portrait
23 skidoo - I Y
Echo and the Bunnymen - Read it in Books
Stump - Grab Hands
The Monochrome Set - The Strange Boutique
The Bush Tetras - Snakes Crawl
The Blackouts - Exchange of Goods
The Beakers - Red Towel
Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt
Mars - 3e
Parasites of the Western World - Politico
The Urinals - Black Hole
Prag Vec - Wolf
Wah - Why D'You Imitate The Cutout?
The Sound - Unwritten Law
Severed Heads - Godsong
Jeb Loy and the Oil Wells - Things That Made U.S.
Television Personalities - King and Country
Noseflutes - Sawdust and Glass: Kicking Ass
The Normal - Warm Leatherette

Synopsis: Authentic grumpy British expat and current mayor of Belmont street Denis Davis stopped by and brought the UK diy/post punk sounds...oh and a few great records by the band The Sound too. Nate and Matt responded with some uniquely American jams. UK vs. US raged all night long. It was the ultimate Nationalist radio showdown. A nasty rivalry à la Coke vs. Pepsi or Ohio State vs. Michigan. Actually Denis spent most of the time making fun of Nate's effeminate sounding French name. (?) Yeah we don't get it either.

Find out who won right here

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