Monday, July 4, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 9

Playlist from 7.3.11

Judy Nylon - Live in a Lift
London Underground - Train of Thought
J.J. Burnel - Do The European
The Production Club - Excitement 
Airmail - In A Moment
God and the State - Pound of Flesh
Metropak - Here's Looking at You
F-Systems - People
The Work - I Hate America
Sic - Voltage Control
Crazy Hearts - Four Minutes To Midnight
Cry of the Innocent - The Haunting
Noseflutes - Bullet Enters Brad
Tools You Can Trust - Messy Body Thrust
Eazy Teeth - Your Blade
Take It - How It Is
Animals and Men - Don't Misbehave in the New Age
Devil's Dykes - Fruitless
The Happy Cadavers - Rigorous Mortis
Adam and the Antz - Zerox
Take It - Twenty Lines
Hot Lunch - Celebrate the Criminal
Empire - Electric Guitar
The Suzannes - Hippie
Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket
The Stick Figures - September
Shoes This High - The Nose One
Those Intrinsic Intellectuals - Radio Iceland
Opera De Nuit - L'Appel Du Froid
X-X - 1980
Passage - Competition
Urinals - Black Hole
Fracture - A Sign

Synopsis: A high watermark by Living Too Late standards. All equipment and hardware working perfectly. Rare vinyls and mp3s melding gently into the night. Matt was drunk but not quite blacked out and only 20 minutes late. Lots of listeners and requests that we were actually able to fill. Tune in for some special guest mixes and a return to our usual level of unprofessionalism in the weeks to come.

A perfect podcast available here

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