Monday, August 15, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 13

Playlist from 8.14.11

The O Voids - Record On
Suspect - Baracuda Automatic
Nightingales - Urban Ospreys
Officer - Anagrams
Vast Majority - I Wanna be a Number
The Lines - Barbican
Native Tongues - All Wronged Up
S.Y.P.H. - Modern Romantik
Johanna Went - No U No
Pretty Poison - Sakii
Negatives In Color - Caught in Possession
Elano B - Too Late
Gasrattle - Holy Cow
Steve Braun's Universe - Out to Play
Radio Ghost - All Handfulls of Everything
Guernica - Kamikaze
Meat Puppets - Out in the Gardener
Prop Sack - Comme Avant
God's Gift - Discipline
Inflatable Boy Clams - Skeletons
Arkansaw Man - Angels/Aliens
Pink Section - Francine's List
Flipper - That's the Way of the World
Red Balune - Capitalist Kid
The Homosexuals - Hearts in Exile
Schoolmeals - Headmaster
The Martian Schoolgirls - Life in the 1980's
Dislocation Dance - It's so Difficult
New Hearts - Just Another Teenage Anthem
Splassh - Dial
New Hearts - Blood on the Knife
The Scarecrows - The Deep End
Pere Ubu - "Pere Ubu is Like a Cup"
Blunt Instrument - Interrogation
The Toilets - Life at the 12th
Chalk Circle - Subversive Pleasure

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