Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living Too Late - Episode 14

Playlist from 8.21.11

Gothic Hut - Jeannie Wants her Tambourine
Angst - Die Fighting
Authorities - I Hate Cops
Band Apart - Eve Ryonne
Storm Bugs - Tin
The Broncs - Tele-K-Killing
BPA - Mental Health
Dimthings - Battle for Slack
Dress Up As Natives - You Had to be There
Soma Holiday - Too Many People
Bye Bye Turbin - Olivenstein
The Bolivians - Underground Passion
Randall Kennedy In Reconstruction - Never Ending Night
Necropolis of Love - A Talk
Shitdogs - Bloodclot
Paris-Brule-T-II - La Logeuse
Actuel - Things
Chrome 17 - Et Cetera
Lieben Und Arbeiten - Gefuhl Nix Gut
Rudimentari Peni - Tower of Strength
Lieben Und Arbeiten - Krank Mann
Halloween - Tomorrow
Die Hausfrauen - Bellevue Affair
Doppler Effect - Time is Running Out
Dada - Discussing Missile Size
The Legend! - Some of Us Still Burn
Big in Japan - Society For Cutting Up Young Men (Aka 'Scum')
Those Intrinsic Intellectuals - Do The Executive!
The Gordons - Adults and Children
The Herco Pilots - Jimmy's Election Plan
Stump - Kitchen Table
China Shop - Kowtow
Hurricane Bob - Andrea
Standing Waves - Integrating Circuits
Jon Rose - In The Covers (Slawterhaus Band)
Zona - Vie Parisienne
Sic Kidz - She's My Witch
Ice - La Grande Guerre
The Gene Syndrome - Party in the Trees
The Viletones - Swastika Girl

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